April 7, 2011

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Dance Parties

A talented U GOT DANCE instructor will come to your child’s party to lead the group in lively dance games, choreography and more.  Dance parties can be themed to a child’s favourite pop star, dance style or musical taste.

White Dove Experiences

Arrange for a unique White Dove Experience for your child’s next birthday party, great for children ages 3 and up.  Younger children will be delighted with the arrival of our White Dove Princess or Prince with a basket of live white  doves and our original fairy tale. Older children will be treated to a White Dove Exhibition with live white doves, learning about these unique birds, their history, capabilities, home life and more. All parties end with a celebratory white dove release.

Please note: Our beautiful birds live in a dovecote by the lakefront where they receive high quality food, clean water, medical attention when required, and a safe place to raise their young.  They fly free every day and are trained to return their dovecote when released from distances of more than 100 kilometres away. Dove releases help keep the birds exercised, fit and healthy.

Princesses, Yoga Rocks & more

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